Furniture, making of which would not be possible without skillful hands, has a proud history of many centuries. Just like may days ago, making of the furniture is fully dependant on hand work. The fantastic forms are made because of craftsmen ingenuity and high skill.

In the hands of master, the flexibility of liana, practicality of rattan, thinness of vines and properties of natural fibers create objects of unique look for comfort of body and soul. In a crowd of standardized furniture, your eyes will finally find something joyful, but your room will gain a unique ally. The furniture, offered by Waterlilly in cooperation with leading Asian designers, is an unrepeatable synthesis of ergonomics and design. The source of inspiration is pure nature and only natural and ecological materials are used in production.

We not only offer the works of designers, but offer to try designing furniture from rattan, that Asian craftsmen will make from your ideas.